100-year-old couple on being married for 78 years


A centenarian couple who have been married almost 80 years have shared their secret to a long-lasting happy marriage – despite never saying “I love you”.

Morrie and Betty Markoff from Los Angeles have been married for 78 years but say there is no great secret to a successful marriage other than “tolerance and respect”.

Betty, 100, told the Observer: “Just don’t let every complaint turn to anger. Tolerance and respect. And you’ve got to like them. Morrie would never use the word love; I do, but the actions are the same on either part.”

Despite technically dying for several seconds the family returned to find him awake and joking a short while later.

Betty, on the other hand, puts it down to a “seventh grade nutrition class” where she learned how to prepare a meal with protein and vegetables and the daily walk around the local lake that the couple took before breakfast for several decades.

The couple say one of the weirdest things about growing old is seeing your children become senior citizens as well. Their daughter lives in the same block as them so if one of them were to die, the other would not be alone.

“After 78 years, I can say I didn’t make a mistake. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we’re still here”, Morrie said with his hand on his wife’s knee.



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I agree 100% what the couple are talking about  tolerance and respect, but also  to use love could be misleading word, care is more important than love, I acknowledge the meaning of care allow improve the relationship.

So far many partner break up their relationship as a result of their forget one of the most important thing ‘’Tolerance and respect’’if you don’t respect your couple, it is more likely to fail in the relationship.

Tolerance and respect afford the main ingredient to remain like couple, in fact you can find out the couple give care but also respect and tolerance achieve success more than 90 % rather than couple are not concern the issue.


The Marriage is a subject that the couple need to be aware that if they don’t have the same goal, it is less probably to reach a good result in terms of respect, tolerance and care.

If you take into account that the figures of divorce go up very quickly, as a result of it is not working, one of the reason is the communication is very bad, if you try to improve your communication with your partner, it is more likely to become better respect and more tolerance, if you want to have longevity, it is influences other aspect like  genetics and lifestyles.

“When asked why he never told his wife he loved her, Morrie, 103, explained: “To me, love is possessive; it’s controlling and demanding.


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