16 Abim district civil servants detained over corruption, impersonation


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
Authorities in Abim district have given forced leave to 16 civil servants in addition to police detaining them over withdrawing 16M from district account under the authority of the CAO claiming it was meant to supervise district projects which is the duty of political leaders.

Speaking to Abim RDC Mpimbaza Ashaka said that when the district CAO was ordered to send these suspects to a forced leave, he declined forcing authorities to force the arrest of these people a week ago.

In custody include financial officers, district planners, vetnary officers, messengers, drivers among others who include are; Chief finace officer Ben Oryen, District production officer Ogwanga Jino, senior vetnary officer Dr. Okengo Oscar, Ocheng Robert Wilfred senior account assistant, Awire Anna Grace, Oche Samuel, Ochan David district planner, okello Vicent superintendent  of works,  Aloko Susan Odeke, Angole Abrose recodes officer, Okello John Peter, David Omar, Acuma Abrose, Acira Nixon, Obia Oscar, Mwaka Isaac

“They were arrested a week ago after withdrawing 16.5M from the district account impersonating as district project supervisors which is a political role hence taking responsibilities which doesn’t fall under their docket” Ashaka confirmed

Ashaka says that apart from corruption charges, these officers are also charged with connivance with private lawyers in courts with the aim of government losing money and they share contrally to the law.

“The district has been losing a lot of money in courts and it was discovered that civil servants in connivance with private lawyers take the district to court and the  district lose money so it was resolved that district engineer and  chief finance officers be sent a forced leaved but the CAO declined to implement the district resolutions which forced the officials to arrest these suspects” RDC Ashaka noted


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