17-year-old Girl Agrees To Sell Her Virginity For An iPhone 8


In a weird news, a 17-year-old girl has offered to sell her virginity for the price of an iPhone 8.

According to Dailymail, she decided to advertise her virginity for the latest iPhone 8, which is valued at about £2,284. She narrates that she was jealous of her friends from school who had the latest smartphones in their possession.

The Asian teenager Xiao Chen made her advertisement online which caught the attention of a vlogger, NaNa who turned the situation into a prank after setting up a false meet up with a certain buyer in a bid to teach the young girl a lesson.

The 17-year-old girl told NaNa that she wanted 20,000 yuan (£2,284) to buy an iPhone 8.

‘A few of my friends have bought iPhone 8 but I don’t have that much money. I heard that a girl from our school earned 20,000 yuan by selling her virginity, so I wanted to do the same as well,’ Xiao Chen explained.

‘It’s roughly that amount, isn’t it?’ She added.

The supposed deal was scheduled at a hotel. Xiao Chen had agreed to meet Nana’s ‘boss’, known as ‘Qian Zhong’ in a room.

Vlogger NaNa who turned the alleged meeting into a prank scolded Xiao Chen for being too materialistic because she exposed herself to danger while trying an illegal sex trade.

Xiao Chen and Vlogger NaNa in hotel room


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