2018 Commonwealth Games: Indiscipline is killing sports-Mininter Bakabulindi


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
Government through the state minister of sport hon. Charles Bakabulindi is dismayed by the continued indiscipline within the sports fraternity which is not only blocking new talents but also costing the nation.

Furious Bakabulindi attributes this indiscipline to the group of weight lifters who have decided to remain in Gold Coast, Australia after the common wealth games but he says that all these are brought about by poor preparations where every player thinks that participating in such games is an opportunity to practice professional sports abroad.

The minister who  was releasing the welcoming program of the national team at the national council of sports Lugogo said that late budget submissions to the government and failure to account for all moneys received from the government which has deterred preparations and leading to indiscipline which has in turn led to most sports associations running to courts of law.

“If you do not submit your sports budgets in time you make our planning hard and we shall want accountability of every coin  from government.  And please stop taking sports issues in courts of law  because all your matters are of leadership, your not voted in courts?  Secondary, whenever you take a matter in courts of law, you affect players because its always leaders in courts not players and this has led to increased indiscipline” said dismayed  Bakabulindi


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