2018 Commonwealth Games: international invitations overwhelming the National netball team.


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
After exhibiting brilliance and staging a wonderful performance in the recently concluded common wealth games in Gold Coast, Australia the national team up to now does continuously receiving invitations from especially USA and European countries each want to have a friendly match with African promising net ball team.

This revelation has been revealed by the state minister of sport Hon Charles Bakabulindi while addressing the media in Kampala on Wednesday morning who said according to the performance the netball team was so promising to the extent that its getting  invitation almost on the daily basis.

“I want to give you good news that invitations from America and European countries are going to overwhelm our team because every powerful white country wants to see who are these blacks that exhibited a good performance.” Bakabulindi happily revealed.

The team will be landing on Thursday afternoon after which they will have lunch in Kampala and later on Sunday state lunch at state house Entebbe


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