July 7, 2020
July 7, 2020




By Kabuye Ronald

Latest statistics indicate that literacy rate for men are higher than for women standing at 77% to 68% respectively.

This has been revealed in the Uganda Bureau of statistics UBOS report dubbed Women and Men in Uganda, Facts and figures 2016 which aims at giving guidance to all government ministries and sectors to balance gender equality while making policies, planning and budgeting.

The report revealed that female take a lead in completion of primary level standing at 60% as opposed to male at 40% however the male supersede the female in secondary and higher levels of education.

Marriage and pregnancy on the females’ side while lack of interest, search for jobs and schools being expensive on the male’ side have been pointed out as the main contributors of school drop outs.

When it came to health, teenage pregnancy stands at 20%, there is a realization of a reduction in the infant and under five years death rate though the boys registered the highest number of death.

There is high prevalence of the non communicable diseases with female being the most affected at 80% as opposed to male at 30% with the most prominent diseases being high blood pressure and diabetes.

The report also highlighted emotional violence as the most form of violence experienced by both the male and females and being on the increment as of 2011 to 2016.   

While launching the report, the director for gender and community development in the ministry of Labor Gender and Social Development Jane Mpagi said that the report will boost the gender mainstreaming and female equal inclusion in the policy and budget development. 

She also appealed to researchers and statisticians to always consider quality as opposed to quantity.

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