3.2 million people affected due to action aid frozen accounts


By Jumah Kakomo
Action aid Uganda asserts that their situation apparently is affecting over 3.2 million persons including farmers, women and children since the money frozen have been benefiting them.

Organisation has revealed that they are still committed to carry on with their work despite the immense challenges they facing from the state.
Recently police raided action aid office based at Kansanga in Kampala with claims that it had intelligence information that the organisation hadĀ  plans of antagonizingĀ  Kampala city in protest against the presidential age limit removal proposal.
After the raid police later issued out directive to action aid management to disclose its income and expenditure as they carried on their investigations.
According to Arphur Larok, the action aid national coordinator on 06/10/2017, Action aid account in standard chartered bank was frozen on police directive.
He said the move is intended to intimidate and stop them from operation.

Arphur further articulated that, police’s actions are affiliated to politicsĀ  since action aid is against corruption and embezzlement as well as presidential age limit removal.


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