3 major s3x positions that will make her org@sm


1. D0ggy Style
D0ggy-style has been consistently cited as one of the most stimulating positions for women s3xually. Apparently, having the man enter from behind effectively gets up in the G-spot which makes this position awesome. She can also stimulate her own cl!tor!s when she is almost there to make things even more explosive.
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2. The C0wgal
In the C0wgal position, the woman gets on top of the man and rides him into the org@smic sunset. Getting on top puts the woman in charge of controlling the speed and depth of the thrusts, plus the position also allows for natural friction against the clit.

3. Legs over Shoulders
She lays on her back and lifts her legs onto his shoulders. The slight adjustment of the legs from missionary to shoulder-hugging manages to create an automatic depth of stimulation.


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