Over 40 bishops to attend Fr. Kbuuka’ consecration, first ever synod of bishops in Africa


By Ronald Kabuye
With less than a month left to the first ever Bishops synod on the African continent and to the consecration of Reverend father Jacinto Kibuuka as presiding Bishop for Central and Eastern Uganda in the Antioch church ( Evangelical Oarthdox Church) on the 05-11th and 12th November respectively, we have been reliably informed that so far 41 bishops have confirmed their attendance at the two events.

Speaking during the Mamre prayer centre Namugongo monthly super night, were prayers, praise and worship is conducted and miracles witnessed through out the night, father Kibuuka said they are still expecting more Bishops since each and every passing day they get a reasonable number of Bishops confirming to attend.
“These bishops are coming from different parts of the globe including but not limited to Sweden, Canada, Cameron, kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Togo, Gabon,and we are expecting more bishops since these are going to be unique events.” said KibuukaIMG-20171022-WA0025
Father Kibuuka also appealed to the general public not to be taken up by politics and gambling but rather to concrete on working hard especially through farming since we are already in the season as a way earning a living and doing away with poverty.
In his sermon he also cautioned his followers to always exhibit commitment, seriousness, braveness and to pray always since God doesn’t provide things for free.
He further argued that one should not think of retreat or surrender if he or she is positioned to accomplish his mission.
The programme for the Bishops synod will run from 05-08th of November as dates for deliberations, discussions, from 8th-11th they will be touring different parts of the country, 12th will be the father Jacinto Kibuuka’ consecration as a full Bishop for Central and Eastern Uganda, 18th will be the Mamre day for rejoicing and 25th the same month will be the month’s super night.

Meanwhile on Friday night the muddy place and the bad weather did not stop thousands of believers from flocking Mamre prayer centre for the super night to scoop themselves miracles, healing, prayers.


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