4500 new cancer cases registered at cancer institute in 2017



By Ronald Kabuye
Cancer disease is still a big burden to the country with 4500 new cases at Uganda cancer institute registered in the year 2017 out of which 12% were children below the age of 15 years.
This has been revealed by the director of clinical services in the ministry of health Dr Olara Charles ahead of the world cancer day due on the 4th of February at parliamentary grounds under the theme: we can.I can.
According to Dr. Joseph Lubega a specialist in treating cancers in the children he said that 50% of the children who seek for cancer treatment in its early stage get cured though he was quick to add that they don’t know the specific cause of cancers in children.
He also added that they estimate over 7000 children to have the disease country wide but to their dismay only 500 approach the cancer institute for treatment services a thing he attributed to opportunists who divert the patients from getting genuine treatment.
It should be noted Children are most affected by blood, kidney and muscle cancers which are curable.
Dr.  Lubega also revealed that the more intense treatment services they offer in children, organisations in services offered to children than in the adults leads to the cure of cancers in children than the adults.
Dr. Henry Ddungu from the Uganda cancer institute says apart from smoking, use of harmful alcohol, eating a lot of fats, salts and sugar and not doing physical exercise, cancers are also caused by multi factoral occurance of the infections.
He adds that the incident rate of cancer in the country is 300 per 100000 population.
Dr Olara revealed that the ministry is in advanced stages of procuring new highly advanced machine in technology to transform cancer institute, train more medical personnels, increase advocacy on the disease and six out of the eight cancer banks are at 90% completion all in efforts to greatly improve on access to cancer services in the country.
Mathew Kabalega from the Uganda cancer society said that starting tomorrow they are going to be worship places until the 4th of February praying for the deceased whose death was caused by cancer and current patients and also sensitze the public about the disease.

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