By Kabuye Ronald

As he marks four years in office, the Buganda premier Owekitibwe Charles Peter Myiga has revealed that any time soon the kingdom will resume with its fundraising project commonly known has Etofali that was halted by the Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.

Mayiga said that the project was halted to enable them reflect and review on whether its core objectives were achieved especially empowering the kabaka’ subject to stop lamenting but rather engage in more productive activities and money being just an extra.

When asked about the progress of the Kasubi Tombs and Kabaka’ Lake Development, Mayiga said that work is in progress and apparently tombs house (MUZIRA MUZAMPANGA ) is at the roofing level.

On the Kabaka’ Lake development he said that they are still doing environment impact assessment which work was contracted by Air, Water and Earth company. He appealed to illegal occupants around the kabaka’ lake vacate since any time soon development will commence

Mayiga  also appealed to parents to always equally treat their children despite their gender and endeavor to nurture girls like boys since it’s the only way women’ rights will be preserved and achieved other than fighting violence against women especially in the home.

Mayiga also revealed that the praises towards him and people’ hopes in him as his major challenge in the last four years he has been the Buganda premier.

“ To be sincere to you, one thing that has kept worrying me is people keeping praising me because this means their hopes are in me to finish all Buganda’ problems.

But other than that trust me am not a coward and I don’t give a damn of the abuses swashed to me “said mayiga

In the same way cited system of governance he has built, empowering kabaka’ subjects, setting up companies, projects in addition to rejuvenating some of them, masengere building, Kasubi tombs development and cohesion amongst baganda as some of his key achievements.

Mayiga made the remarks in his interaction with the radio reports at his office in bulange mengo about his four years in office.

Charles Peter Mayiga a renowned lawyer was appointed Katikkiro (prime minister) replacing John Baptist Walusimbi who chose to retire; Mr Mayiga’s appointment was communicated by Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II in a statement that was issued by his senior principal secretary Peter Mpanga.

Prior to his appointment as the katikiro Mayiga was serving as the kingdom’ information minister.


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