By Kabuye Ronald

Following the nullification of the Aruu North county MP Hon. Achiro Lucy Otim by the court of appeal and the electoral commission receipt of the notification from the clerk to parliament on the occurrence of the vacancy, the electoral commission has released the program for election of the same seat.

According to the electoral commission chairperson justice Byabakama Mugenyi Simon, this by election will cost them 502 million before banning all fundraising activities in the same area.

According to the program, update of the national voter’ register will be on 22nd to 27th February, consultative meeting with stakeholders will be on the 24th this month, display of voter’s registers at polling stations will be on the 9th to 20th march, nomination of candidates will be held at Pader district headquarters on the 9-10 next month, campaigns will commence on the 13th march to 3rd April while the polling day and tallying of results will be on the 6th April.

Unlike in the previous election, this time the commission has set the 9th to 14th March as the period for inspection of candidates’ nomination papers and lodging complaints, if any, on suitability of the candidates to contest in the by-elections.

Byabakama further revealed that the commission has all the money to organize all the by elections that will come up.

When asked why the Kamuli women district MP Iis not part of the by election to be held since court of appeal declared vacant, Byabakama said they are yet to receive a notification from the clerk to parliament and once they receive it the elections will be organized within 60 days as the law states.


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