6 Arrested With Live Ammunition and grenades



A woman has confessed to being in possession of live ammunition and grenades.

Flavia Aketch and four others are accused of four counts including being in illegal possession of 551 live ammunitions of SMG, 590  live ammunition of PK Machine gun, 17 grenades and 16 grenade fuses.

Other suspects are;  Kasirye Richard Lukyera 42, a BodaBoda rider, Faisal Muzamiru alias Opolott alias Mukasa 18 a Taxi Broker, Ronald Nadobe 30, a Truck Loader, VicentOtema, a Taxi driver, all residents of Amuru District.

They were arrested on January 24th 2018 from Elegu, Bibia in Amuru District by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence operatives.

In September they were arraigned in the General Court Martial and pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Yesterday, Aketch 32 told Court presided over by the Court Martial Chairperson Lt Gen Andrew Gutti that she wanted to change her plea of not guilty to guilty.

However, Aketch disputed some of the facts of the case.

According to the prosecution, Aketch was found with the ammunition packed in a bag which she had abandoned in a taxi.

It is alleged that she had crossed the Ugandan Border with South Sudan where she had all the weapons in her three bags.

When Gutti asked Aketch if the facts of the case were correct, she confessed being in possession of the box, but she didn’t know the contents inside.

Under the UPDF Act, any person found in possession of unlawful weapons faces a maximum sentence of death. Although she pleaded guilty to the charges that are capital in nature and disputed some facts of the case, Gutti said that the case will be fixed for trial on December, 4th, 2018 for the interest of justice.

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