By Kabuye Ronald
A group of the forum democratic change FDC radicals who are against the withdraw of the party national mobiliser’ Ingrid Turinawe from the East African Legislative Assembly EALA race in parliament, have this morning dumped a piglet head at the lower entrance of FDC headquarters gate in Najjanankumbi. Speaking to our reporter one of the persons who are behind this act but rather preferred anonymity said that the piglet head was painted blue and yellow to exhibit the hypocrisy of their party president Maj.Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu Oyera since he happens to serve both the interests of National Resistance Movement NRM and FDC. Few of the journalists and people managed to see the piglet head since it was expeditiously cleared after its dumping by the party officials and the FDC security personel and hidden to one of the rooms that journalists were not allowed to access. The officials who were at the party headquarters refined from commenting about the matter with some denying knowledge of the incident. We also managed to talk to the Jobless brotherhood national coordinator, Robert Mayanja a youth group that always own up such acts however this time he distanced himself from today’ action adding that they have trained youth who now execute such actions without his knowledge. “We have trained over 25000 youth country wide and we have taught them how demonstrate peaceful but for today’s action am not privy about it, at the FDC headquarters no no.” Said Mayanja It should be noted that last week six piglet heads were dumped at Nkurumah Road in kampala with names of the six billion presidential handshake beneficiaries with the amount they got telling them that they can do better


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