ACCU Calls For More Laws On Corruption


By Kakomo Jumah

The anti corruption coalition Uganda (ACCU) has appealed to government of Uganda to enact and implement more laws to fight against corruption which is persistently increasing in the country.

The call has been made by Agaba Marlon communication manager ACCU, while celebrating “anti corruption week” Kampala saying corruption has deprived economic development of the country in all aspects.

He noted that, the police are seen as the most corrupt in Africa at 47%, and followed by business executives, who are seen as the second most corrupt group with 42% say most or all business executives are corrupt, government officials and tax officials rank as the third and fourth most corrupt groups with 38% and 37% respectively.

He further highlighted that, in Uganda corruption is mainly rampant in security agencies and judiciary, customs administration, tax administration, land administration, public procurement among others.

According to the global Corruption Perception Index (CPI), Uganda was ranked 127th in 2010, 143 in 2011, 130 in 2012, 140 in 2013, and 142 in 2014, in terms of CPI, the higher the corruption, the higher is the ranking


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