August 7, 2020
August 7, 2020

Activism prize: Family of activist Ssenyondo regrets the day he claimed activism


Deceased Wasswa Paul Ssenyondo in the middle with his friend Aloysius Buyonje on the right with the cape

Mukose Arnold Anthony

Many nationals especially the youths have agitated for the rule of law, accountable leadership, corrupt free country and inclusivity in all aspect through activism through non-violent means.

Like any other Uganda, Wasswa Paul Ssenyondo, was passionate about good government and a political free and fair country, which saw him in 2016 joining a youth movement in the country (The Jobless brotherhood).

Late Ssenyondo was a son to Mr. Zirmwaguyiza Henry of Luzira whose death upto now remains unclear after several allegations of having faced his last breath in the hands of government security agencies.

Ssenyondo who allegedly joined the Jobless brotherhood in 2016 after having been recruited by a one Aloysius Buyonje alias Junior though both went missing at the same time but the deceased was discovered dead in Rwanda according to the relatives.

According to close friends of Mr. Zirimwaguyiza says that, he had a lot of hopes in his son and regrets the day his son joined activism though he believes it was his right and the only sacrifice he could offer to his country.

It is alleged that Ssenyodo was kidnaped from Myol village in Kitagwenda district after a political demonstration, tortured and his kidney damaged before escaping to Rwanda.

It is alleged that, both being right hand boys of the jobless brotherhood who had ICT skills and were fearless, commanded a successful demo which marked their last eye contacts and upto now, Buyonje has never been seen.

We have been informed by close relatives to Mr. Zirimwaguyiza that, up to now, he has never received convincing explanations on how his son died because he has got unanswered questions of the death of his son.

Buyonje who is said to have been together with Ssenyondo has also never been seen on allegations of having been hunted badly by security agents.

When our website contacted Mr. Robert Mayanja the jobless brotherhood operations coordinator told us, that Buyonje escape to exile for his life safety.

“The government was fed with wrong info that our activities where linked with the ADF Rebels, that we wanted to overthrow the government through illegal and violent means” Mr.Mayanja told this website.

“ We can understand the regrets of the family but even us as a movement, we are more concerned about how they feel because Wasswa was one of the 5 boys Buyonje recruited and went missing after that demonstration in Myol and these are the periods the deceased was kidnapped” Mayanja confirmed.

These are some of the many activists who have paid activism prizes by death, running to exile, imprisonment on unclear charges and others face humiliations and isolations.

Some youths like the Vicent Kagwa of poor youth in that period were arrested and detained in Nalufenya for allegedly murder of Police Chief, Andrew Felix Kaweesi and in relations with ADF and Alshabab where others like Col Kiiza Besigye’s right hand boy, Sam Mugumya is upto now being detained in the DR Congo.

Some analysts attribute the continued persecution and infiltration of some youth movements to poor preparations and failure to apply, the spectrum of allies theory like how Mr. Amama Mbabazi Christopher Aine did to succeed when he washed the world with false claims of his death.

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