Activist lawyer urges Ugandans to demonstrate over social media tax.


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
Following the Minister of State for Planning in the ministry of finance, planning and social development Hon. David Bahati presenting an annual social media tax of UGX 36,000/ while appearing before the parliamentary finance committee on Tuesday, human rights advocate Aeron Kizza has questioned the love of the government towards her people.

Kizza made the remarks while highlighting on the importance of social media, the illegality of double taxation, freedom to free information access, freedom of expression and  freedom of association  which he said is to be tampered with.
Counsel Kizza saud that this is the rightful stage for national wide demonstrations especially by student leaders.
“When you start monetizing the information  flow by taxing social media most of the youth who make up the majority exchanging ideas advertising and connecting with clients of their businesses and making research of value additions is being non-patriotic” Counsel Eron Kizza dismayed.

“Parliament has the committees that can handle this matter but they can also talk to human right committee since this is a matter of freedom of expression and access to information, they can petition the speaker once fail they can contemplate court action but at this stage  its time to engage with policy makers to work with civil societies to amplify their voices, it is time their media visibility increases and it also time frankly hold demonstration through across the country and student leaders from different tertiary  institution take up the mantle of fighting for their rights” Eron Kizza advised


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