Adhola-Itesot commonwealth map search annoys Queen’s govt


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
United Kingdom government is unpleased with Uganda government extravagance on matters at her disposal which cost the national budget and it fails to meet its obligation.

This  was revealed to a national delegation that had visited the London based British common wealth archive in search for the Adhola-Itesot boundaries map which has caused contention between the two tribes as a means of solving the conflicts.

On Tuesday, this website spoke to Hon Angura Fredrick, MP Tororo South one of the delegates who visited the archive and revealed that they were not supposed to spend that sum of money not until Hon Jacob Marksons Oboth-Oboth MP West Budama County South contested against using national archives’ documents (map) on grounds that Permanent Secretary land and urban development  Dorcus Okalanyi and Commissioner land and surveyor only identified as Ogalo could doctor the documents since all of them are Itesot and a neutral archive was agreed, to which a decision was taken without knowledge that it could annoy both president Yoweri Kaguta Miseveni and the queen’s government.

“Even the white men were actually not amused saying that what you are looking for is in your archive in your country and it was not necessary for us to go to their country” Hon Angura revealed.

“President Museveni was also furious over the same but for fairness, he was compelled to clear us and go for the search” Hon Angura added.

“Commissioner land and survey provided the map, my brother Hon Okoth Oboth contested it, may be because the commissioner lands  and surver by the name of Ogalo and PS ministry of land and urban development Dorcas Okalanyi are Itesot, they could have doctored the map” Hon Angura noted.

The legislator however has further said that the report is soon to be released but he has no much to reveal since he is not the delegation spokesperson/ chairperson but they were promised that the map will be sent through diplomatic channels via the British high commission

But he has however called upon the region to wait for the report which will soon be sent through diplomatic commissions

According to Hon Othieno Okoth Richard MP West Budama, the blames of the mushrooming conflicts is attributed to politicians who are pushing locals in these tribal and boundary wrangles.

“Tororo district council passed a resolution to split the district at the influence of the politicians which has never been approved up to now and this was the beginning of these tribal boundary misunderstandings” Hon Othieno said.

“I don’t know the reason why people should fail to know where the boundaries are; Hon Nyakecho is a member of parliament for Tororo county North, and she knows where her boundaries are, Hon Fred Angura is a member of parliament for Tororo county south during campaigns, he knew where his boundaries extend and begin why do they waste our time” Mr. Othieno added.

“As far as I know nothing has been changed, we the Chapadhola in Nagongera have never asked that is the major issue you should take note of, there is no district the boundaries are well drawn and some politicians are using sentiments to make them relevant “noted

These other issues of going to London, am sure some people have never been there and it was an opportunity for them any” Mr. Othieno lashed.


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