Age Limit: EC Boss Accused of Involving in Partisan Politics


By Ronald Kabuye
Commissioner Peter Emoru of the Electoral Commission has been accused of directly participating in campaign to popularise the removal of age limit which is contrary to their ethical code of contact.
The commissioner is alleged to have commanded a group that forced councillors from Kumi to vote for the removal of age limit.
The Kumi Woman MP, Monica Amoding told legislators sitting on the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee while interfacing with official from Electoral Commission who had appeared to submit on the Constitution Amendment Bill  (NO.2) 2017.
“If you don’t have any interest in article 102(b), why are commissioners criss crossing the country campaigning for the removal of age limit; I have evidence that one of the commissioners who is sitted here with us,” Amoding said.
The committer chairperson, Jacob Oboth Oboth asked Amoding to make mention of the commissioner whom she later named adding that once given time she will provide all evidence to the committee.
Amoding said that “Emoru was on September 19th in Kumi commanding and intimidating councillors to support the motion with the Police guarding the council; I am wondering if he will be able to conduct a fair election if he is in charge.”
When given chance to explain himself, Emoru denied having involved himself in such partisan activities and possesion of any gun.
“I don’t have the background of any gun, I didn’t go to Kumi. Since she says she has evidence, I think it will be good to testify if I was there,” Emoru said.
“I am a born of Bukedea, I have never been in Kumi that day; if she has evidence, I would be willing to come back to this Committee to see the evidence.”


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