Age limit : Kamya calls Kampala councillors to kyankwazi


By Ronald Kabuye
The Kampala minister Betty Olive Namisango Kamya has invited the Kampala councillors to national leadership training Institute,kyankwazi to discuss the controversial age limit removal bill that was tabled by the Igara west legislators Raphael Magyezi.
According to the communication by Kamya to the executive director KCCA  Jennifer Musis Ssemakula authored on the 31st October, the training will commence on the 12th to 19th of November and she is done with all the arrangements and modalities and all she seeks for is the allowances for the councillors.
This has been revealed by the Kampala lord mayor Erias Lukwago who condemned the minister’s move since  she has no legal mandate to deal with the councilors before adding that the authority leaders have not sat any where to okay the move.
Lukwago asserts that the meeting at kyankwazi is aimed at brain washing councillors and to indoctrinate them into support of  lifting of the presidential age limit from the age of 75 years.
According to the programme president Museveni will also meet the councilors on the 14th of this month and there after the councilors will declare there support to  lifting of the presidential age limit.
Lukwago committed that they shall not allow the minister to use KCCA as an institution to promote president Museveni manovers and agendas despite the fact that she was allocated a budget of 7.9 billion  to splash on te same.

Meanwhile Lukwago has warned about the likely crisis in the budget process of KCCA since the executive director Jennifer Musis and kampala minister Betty Kamya have relectauntly refused to implement the authority’ resolution to devolve some activities and mandate to urban councillors but instead they are engaged in politicking and infighting.
Apparently the urban councils do not have accounts.
Now Lukwago has decided to call an extra ordinary meeting to discuss and resolve on the two issues on the date he will communicate soon.


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