AGE LIMIT: Monitor, Red Pepper editors grilled for over 6 hours


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
The Kibuli police CID has for over 5 and half hours held and interrogated the two summoned print media officials who had gone to record statements over allegations of offensive communication, cyber harassments and libel based before releasing them on bond.

These officials were summoned after Igara west legislator Raphel Magyezi filed his complaints following the stories published on 10th and 11th October in Daily moniror and Red pepper respectively accusing him of having bagged millions of money to popularise age limit goal andĀ  the draft 700M legal committee budget.

Kato Richard the editor red pepper and his lawyer Dickens Byamukama entered at around 10am and released at 1pm

Speaking to the media after the 3 hours interrogation, Richard Kato Richard editor red pepper said that he is still resolute despite the intimidations being exhibited by the state given the fact that they have all the authencity of their stories.

Dickens Byamukama the red pepper lawyer said that they are ready to stand for the truth.

Charles Bichachi the executive Editor monitor publications said that thay are not moved because after the speaker ordering the committee and legislators to consult their to electorates, the budget was released and they have all the proof hence ready to report back on Wednesday as per the bond conditions.

Robert Ssempala the national coordinator of Human Rights Network for Journalists Uganda HRNJ-U has condemned these summons which are aimed at scaring the media fromĀ  reporting the truth and yet there is a court ruling nullifying offensive communications
Ssekate Vicent the CID spokesperson said that both publications have managed to record statements and given police bond until Wednesday 18th October and are to be charged through the computer miss use act


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