Age limit: Some opposition MPs return the 29m for consultation


By Jael Namiganda
A number of opposition leaders have returned the 29 million that was deposited on their accounts to facilitate the consultation on the magyezi bill that seeks to lift the presidential age limit from 75yrs.
Addressing the press the opposition chief whip Ssemujju Nganda, presented the money to the press which they are to return.
Ssemujju said that they can not take a bribe from government alleged to be called consultation money at the expense of tax payers before adding that they are going to write to the IGG and auditor general  to investigate the source of money because it was not accounted or budgeted for while they were passing the budget.
Nganda questioned as to why the NRM government minister the hon chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa broke the news and not parliament officials.
Hon Nzonghu William from Kasese  called on the President to stop taking leaders for granted because of his selfish needs wanting them to do his donkey work.
Hon Angelina Osege the woman representative for Soroti district wondered why age limit removal is a priority at the expense of  people dying due to poor health facilities in the country.
Ann Adeke, the national youth legislator said that this money should be prioritise on public officials who are on strike due to poor pay and working conditions.
The resolution to return the money has been supported by many opposition including but not limited to hon. Moses kasibante, Hon medard segona, Robbina Sentongo among others.
However some of these MPs including the Busiro east legislator Medard segona and Akol  Betty said they hadn’t received the money but vowed to return it once it lands on their accounts.
all those that were present have committed to resist the amendment of article 102b of the constitution before appealing to those in rulling NRM party to join  them in the struggle and also return the tax payers money


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