July 12, 2020
July 12, 2020




By Ronald Kabuye
Kampala lord mayor Elias Lukwago has asserted that the Kampala minister Betty Olive Namisango Kamya was allocated a budget of 7.9 billions to basically play the central role of organising clasters of people and political leadership in Kampala to drama up and popularise what he termed as manovers to entrench a life presidency by obligating the constitution.
On Tuesday this week 246 ruling National resistance movement NRM and some independent MPs agreed to table a motion on Thursday afternoon next week in plenary seeking leave of parliament to prepare a private members bill to amend article 102b of the constitution which puts the presidential age limit at 75 years.
Lukwago strongly condemned the act by the mps to tinker with the constitution to cause political instability despite the breeding Ugandans.
“this is a national scandal and shame but history will stand to judge harshly those who side with removing the only safety measure to stop life presidency ” said lukwago.
” Selfish MPs are setting this country into a very dangerous path that result into terrible crisis, chaos and political instability but they will be held accountable for their machination and dishonourable conduct.” further added
He appealed to Ugandans to raise to the occasion and respond to the command by the constitution under article 3 to fight those violating the the constitution by trying to render it useless.
Lukwago cautioned Kamya to desist from the same failure to do it, they gonna harden her life and make her face it rough since they are going to radically counter her campaigns.
Others things lukwago intends to do is to organise a conference for all political leaders in Kampala and come out with common position and measures, they also massively mobilise people to defend to join their fight.
He appealed to the police chief hen. Edward kale kayihura and police to desist from interfering with their mobilisation.
On Wednesday afternoon the deputy speaker of parliament Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanya told the Mps that the decision of the NRM caucus doesn’t bind and concern parliament.
Since the adoption of the suggestion by the NRM caucus to amend article 102b various people have vehemently opposed the move saying it aimed at causing disaster in the country.

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