Age limit removal act was not necessary – Mayiga


By Ronald Kabuye
The Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga has revealed that it’s was unnecessary to pass and president Museveni to assent to the presidential age limit removal act.
Mayiga in his speech to the 25th Buganda Lukiiko, in the forth sitting said that there was no need to amend the constitution to accommodate the removal of the presidential age limit and to extend the term of office for the members of parliament from five to seven years.
The age limit removal act was assented to by President museveni on 27th of December 2017 few days after being passed by parliament.
In the same way Mayiga has called on president Museveni to directly intervene in the cause to preserve the environment. He said that the more the environment is left to be degraded the more the country is headed for the worst.
Meanwhile mayiga has cautioned youths against getting excited with self imposed rich people who go on splashing money in bars and streets yet the source of the money is not known. This he says simply imply that the money is got out of illegal transactions.
Mayiga also contested the assertation by many people assertation especially leaders that youths don’t want to work. he described youths especially in Buganda as actually hardworkers and innovative who only lack guidance.
He however he added that their some few who are lazy.
It’s on this note that he appealed to the youths to form saving groups with the major objective of investing, this he says will help them get bigger profits.
The above advice was informed by the directive by the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Mwenda Mutebi II to put the youth at the core in the upcoming celebration of his 25th coronation slated for July this year.
The celebrations will run under the theme : a year of Jubilating Buganda kingdom.


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