July 11, 2020
July 11, 2020




By Ronald Kabuye
The opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC has unveiled series of activities it will carry out in abide to stop the amendment of the constitution in specific article 102b that puts the age of the presidency at 75 years and article 26 the talks about land.
Addressing a news conference at the party headquarters in najjankumbi, the party secretary general Hon Nathan Nandala Mafabi ralled all Ugandans to convene at the FDC headquarters on the 21st this month that’s Thursday this week where the procession will begin to parliament in order to petition the speaker of parliament have the constitution maintained.
He added that they will also carryout different demonstration in different parts of the country about the same and they have already informed police about the same.
He asserted that the MPs who are advocating for the amendments are corrupt who are only seeking for money since many of them have not made their maiden speech in parliament, don’t know about the political background of the country and constitution preamble yet still their pay slips are negative.
He thus revealed that they will also petition all relevant authorities including Inspector General of Government IGG and Director of Public Prosecution DPP to investigate possible criminalities in these processes.
In the same way the acting party president Hon Alice Alaaso revealed that they are going to reconvene and resume with prayers so that God intervenes, in addition to the national wide campaigns with other Democratic seeking forces across the country.
She urged MPs to instead push for electoral reforms as directed by the Supreme Court since these two are not issues of contention.
Meanwhile the party chairperson ambassador Waswa Birigwa appealed to the young generation to fight against what he termed as “tombos” people who care about their stomaches and reclaim what is theirs which is being taken away from the aged people.
“young people wake up and fight for your generation, we ask Museveni to quit and retire we can forgive him and provide him with whatever he needs to maintain his riches but let him not ruin the country further” said Birigwa.
They all appealed to Ugandans to take charge and fight against the move arguing that once age limit is removed than land grabbing will be so easy because president Museveni will have declared himself a life president and will have whatever he wants done.
“we must all come out as a nation and say no to this madness. Everybody should realise that if we fail to stop this rape of our constitution, every business, social freedom,  democracy, and access to equal opportunities will suffer devastating effects.” said Nandala
“We would like to inform the public that amending article 102b and 26 are intertwined schemes.”  he added
They all appealed to the security organs not to interfere with their activities since patriotism means to stand by the country not by the president.

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