Age limit removal: Opposition parties announce joint consultation rallies, warn on doctor’s strike


By Ronald Kabuye
Opposition political parties have unveiled their plans to carry out joint national wide consultation rallies on the Igara west legislator Raphael Magyezi bill seeking to lift the presidential age limit from 35 and 75 years respectively.
The plans were revealed at the joint press conference at the Forum for Democratic change FDC party headquarters that was addressed by Justice Forum JEEMA president Asuman Basalirwa, FDC’ acting party president Hon. Alice Alaaso and the conservative party CP president John Ken Lukyamuzi.
Basalirwa condemned the manner in which those opposed to the lifting of age limit are being manhandled, the manner of violating their rights, how the pro age limit bribe with money the conscious of people to support the bill and the government officials who attack and threaten religious leaders accusing them of decision on the constitution amendments.
“it’s only those opposed to the lifting of age limit that are genuinely carrying out consultation since their rallies are open to all constituents unlike those who are pro that hide in the garages, board rooms and makes lists of those who they know that are in support of the bill and after which they bribe them with the money, that kind of consultation is exclusion and it’s not the one the speaker ordered for.
For the first time Museveni is on the defensive and people are on the offensive” said Basalirwa
The CP president John Ken Lukyamuzi cautioned National Resistance Movement NRM leaders and president Museveni to stop issuing threats since it can anger some of them and form another Luweero adding that the days of life presidency dictators are long over due.
Meanwhile the trio also supported the ongoing doctor’s sit down strike on grounds that their strike is constitutional, since their demands are not only limited to better pay but also better working environment and lastly that their demands are long overdue since all along government has been feeding them on empty promises.
They warned about the likely disaster if government continues threatening doctors because it will put people’ lives at risk since doctor will resort to presentatism where they report to work and do nothing.
Now the trio demanded that government should immediately pass a supplementary budget to cater for the doctors needs rather than waiting for the salary review commission which process is long term.


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