October 21, 2020
October 21, 2020

Age restrictions for Chairpersons abolished.


Good Morning Members of the Press and thank you for the usual support towards the office of National Guidance.
I want to start with the latest development regarding the age restrictions for aspiring candidates for the position of chairperson at Subcounty, Municipality, City Division, Town councils and Municipal Division.
Government has agreed and amended the local government Act that had set an age limit to the above positions.
Prior to this amendment, any aspiring candidate had to be 30 years and above and not exceeding 75.
His Excellency President Yoweri Museveni has agreed and signed off the amendment that abolishes the above restrictions.
Starting with this ongoing electoral process, any aspiring candidate for the position of chairperson at local government level must only be 18years and above.
Prior to this adjustment, there had been complaints from some candidates who wanted to contest as chairpersons at different local government positions.
A number of candidates had gone ahead to present themselves for leadership thinking that the 2017 presidential and LC5 amendment had applied to these positions as well.
Now that these restrictions, no longer exist, I want to call upon all individuals who qualify to go ahead with their plans.
You are encouraged to go ahead and utilize the remaining time to comply with the nomination exercise.
Before this announcement, the Electoral Commission had already agreed to extend the nomination exercise from the 2nd October to the 5th October which is tomorrow.
I therefore call upon all those aspiring for these positions to utilize the time left properly.
All those aspirants going for nomination are reminded to obey the standard operating procedures on COVID-19.
Concerning the resumption of schools for the candidate classes.
I believe that all the respective head teachers and proprietors are preparing well for October 15th as per the Ministry of Education guidelines.
The Ministry has given a number of Standard Operating Procedures that meant to keep our children safe from COVID-19.
It is important that the parents and teachers follow these guidelines properly.
The Ministry of Education is going to continue updating the schools and parents regarding what we have to do.
Also within the week, our Entebbe International Airport opened for air travel and passengers have started to move.
Civil Aviation Authority has put in place guidelines for all those who wish to use the airport.
All those who plan on traveling will do a COVID-19 test 3 days before travel and present their results confirming they are negative at the airport.
Travelers must have their masks on all the time while at the airport; they are expected to adhere to other guidelines as well such as social distancing.
Travelers are therefore expected to be at the airport four hours before departure in order to verify all that is required.
The CORONA Virus is still here with us and we cannot afford to relax.
The number of new cases is growing every day and Uganda will very soon reach the 10,000 mark.
The Ministry of Health recently came out with a number of new measures that we must adopt in order to deal with the increasing cases.
Emphasis now is on individual responsibility with everyone being called upon to take care of their own safety.
The total number of cases is now 8, 602 cases coming from 110 districts. The number of deaths still stands at 79.
Always remember to put on your mask all the time when in public or even at home as long as you are in a group of people.
Remember to wash your hands with soap and keep the social distance as advised by Ministry of Health.
Let everyone play their part in bringing down infections.
Finally, on October 9th we shall celebrate  our Independence day under the theme Uganda’s steady progress towards economic take off and self sustaining economic growth.
Activities are going to be scientifically organised and the venue will be at State House Entebbe.
Later in the day, a group of artists have organised an online music show on independence day starting at 8pm.
The show will have up to 40 different artists presenting to us about love, peace and unity as a country.   This message of peace is crucial for us especially during this time of national elections.
I therefore call upon everyone to spare some data bundles and be able to follow this online performance under the name UG Connect for peace and love. It will also be broadcast live by different TV stations
Thank you.
For God and My Country
Hon Judith Nabakooba (MP)
Min for ICT and National Guidance
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