Airport police intercepts cocaine worth 875 millions


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
The Entebbe airport police through the civil aviation authority security department has intercepted and arrested Nankanja Allen 51 a health worker by profession, resident of Makerere Kikoni who was carrying 3.5Kgs of cocaine worthy over 875M

Nankanja allegedly boarded Ethiopian airlines from Brazil making a stopover at Adis-Ababa before her Entebbe final destination.
she claims that they strake the deal with Nigerians before pleading for forgiveness since she wasn’t the owner of the items though the police declined.

Nankanja acknowledges the drugs and revealed that $6000 was her commission once the Nigerians received the items.

Nankanja asserted that by the time of her arrival at  the airport the Nigerians were around but took cover in the process of her arrest.
She however denied allegations of having been charged on the related offenses narcotic before but said she  carried them on behalf of a Brazilian lady only identified as Teddy

“Forgive me for trafficking these drugs but they are  not mine,it belongs to a Brazilian national know as Teddy.
She gave me these items to deliver them to some Nigerians who were at the airport by the time of the arrest.
I was promised 6000USD as my commission but police intercepted me before I could deliver them” said Nankanja

While arraigning the suspect before the press at Entebbe police airport, Sekate Vicent the CID spokesperson opened an almost a used up  passport before asserting that the suspect is a second offender who was once arrested at Malaba boarder and charged at Buganda road court but was released after paying a fine of 2M during the times of a weaker anti-drug laws but ever since the narcotic drug and Psychotropic substances (control) act 2016 was introduced, they have managed to prosecute and one has so far been convicted and sentenced to 16 years in prison.

Sekate highlights that though the arrests were on 13th October but they have  failed to produce the suspect in courts due to the striking prosecutors.

“We arrested her on 13th October but we haven’t produced her in courts due to the striking prosecutors, Uganda has been previously identified as the path for these drugs  but ever since this law, most criminals have been scared and we have so far charged and convicted one for 16 years” said Sekate.


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