By Mukose Arnold Anthony
The renown youth activist from The ALTERNATIVES formerly the national coordinator of the jobless brotherhood is said to have been arrested by the police flying squad and whisked away to unknown destiny as per his closest friends.

Tumuhimbise’d friends claim that they last saw him on Wednesday at round 2pm at Buganda road court where he had gone to stand sureties for the four members of the alternatives that were arrested on Monday last week while protesting in white overalls, with bells and flier of anti-age limit message.

Though just after an hour of the allegations, he (Tumuhimbise) posted on his different social platforms seemingly scared for his family.
“What ever happens to me. Muhangi commandant of flying squad is responsible” “In pain” “Country men. I have done my best. Never forget my kids. For God and my country.” read a post on his facebook account.

However these messages have been dismissed by his colleagues on claims that someone might have accessed his accounts using his phone.
“This can’t be Norman,some goon must be using his phone.
For some of you that have ever been detained know that u can’t access your cell phone unless am mistaken but something is wrong here,,,”

“I checked our conversation with Norman on Facebook and he was active, texted him, he read the msg(meaning he was active) and I immediately called him, the first call was made busy, on calling back after 1 minute, the number was off.” “Have u seen the last post on his Facebook account??” a one Bryt Tumuhimbise’s friend dismisses the posts.

“We parted ways at 2pm…. Left him at Buganda road court… Don’t know what happened next.. Only to hear that he was kidnapped” Bryt adds

“I guess tomorrow is the right day to start tracing for him” Innocent Ainobyona one of Tumuhimbise’s friends mobilizes colleagues.

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