October 31, 2020
October 31, 2020

Am Kapa Cat


I am Tumusiime Catherine – Stage Name -Kapa Cat- I grew up in Kawanda but currently living in munyonyo and a Third Year student at Makerere University, I specialise in the dancehall genre of music. I started my music career a year ago – 2017 but got signed to Top Artist Factory many know as TAF Music under ManDoo Bizness this very year 2018. What song have you recorded so far? Me and my team are working on my 10 Song debut album titled “TUKUBA PARTY” this album is strictly Dance and Party related music, on it i have worked with so far two great producers – Wani of master mind records & Eno Beats – It has songs like – Tukuba Party, Gwomanyi,Papaza .. etc. Are you married or Single? I am single and pollinating haha! Can you tell us about your love life? My love life, mmhh I cant say much about it because at this point im so caught up with creating my mp3 art and deliver as desired I am dead to my love life untill further notice. If you have a family do you balance it with music what are some of the Challenges you meet Do you have any collabos? With family i guarantee even the smallest time i get for them, Family comes first but the music can tend to steal you away from family at times – its an up and down business. The biggest challenge is missing out on the get togethers and holidays like easter,christmas and other public holidays because these are always booked for most entertainers. Collabos – Yes but that is a suprise untill their official public release we don’t want to spoil the fun. Where do you plan to be in the next five years Do you have any advice for young upcoming musicians who want to be like you? Allot can happen in five years – I wake up every morning working my arms off only to secure a better career future with a stable income and a big audiance, however i want to cross to every corridor in africa as an entertainer and woman actvist at least my name will be mentioned in each african country and i am ready to face the challenge. My advice for mostly female artists be it known or on their way – please keep it professional dont mix emotions with business you will make it if you work twice as hard as u worked yesterday. Hardwork doesn’t lie – and dont underestimate even the thinnest of opportunities. If you want to contact me for any bookings you can email tafmusik.ug@gmail.com or send me a message on my facebook page “Kapa Cat Music” or you can call management on tell – 0755690015 & u talk to my manager directly.

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