Amigo Kawilo:Meet Daxx Kartel`s look a like


Uganda had got talent but some times many people fail to stimulate their talents because of poverty. Meet the Luga latino founder one Amigo Kawilo young and focused artiste, this artistes claims that he created this style of music way back when he is still in United States of America after reading a lot of Latin books and he decided to mix it with Ugandan local language hence naming this style of music as luga~latino . He later mate fellow singer Dax Kartel at their Place in Bunga and he taught him this kind of music since they’re tight buddies and closed friends though Dax Kartel dumped him after making a hit song with Sheebah Called Self service. After their split, Amigo Kawilo also went in Studio and record songs Mike Yazigidi, Engule and the current trending song Masappe which has put fellow singer Dax Kartel on pressure. Stay at Press Ug for more information.


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