Amuriat reveals achievements, challenges in 100 days as FDC president



By Ronald Kabuye
Opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC president Hon Patrick Amuriat Oboi has given a report of his 100 days in office specifically on party cohesion, reclaiming of the purported stolen elections, vitalisation of party structures, women and youth development.
Among the key achievements include proposal and approval of the party’s appointment committe which is chaired by Hon. Philpians Wafula Oguttu members include Augustine Luzindana, Elizabeth Kiwalabye and others with the first duty of appointing a new electoral commission and approval of the Elders forum which has a list of 11 founding members of the party, changes in the opposition parliamentary leadership where Anita Amongi was replaced by Mubarack Munyagwa as deputy COSASE chairperson, Mobilizing the public to join the party with so far 5000 membership cards sold to district offices.
In ensuring party cohesion and revitalization of party structures, Amuriate said he has engaged all the former party presidential aspirants, the entire party leadership who committed to cooperate with his presidency. He further had engagements with the University chapters, other presidents of opposition parties that’s Conservative party, Democratic Party, Justice Forum JEEMA and Truth and Justice head Erias Lukwago he however said they made no attempts to meet with president museveni alleging that he has got no interest in ensuring peaceful transition of power which he said is evident through his actions.
He says they have also fully associated with all activities of the people’s government like Tubalemesa campaign, isolate the 317mps that voted in favor of removal of the presidential age limit, feilding candidates in elective position and it is on this note he said they are ready to tussle it out in courts of law once the NRM contest the victory of Hon. Paul Mwiru for Jinja east.
He attributed the challenges to purely external factors and one of them being that some members are taking too long to heal from defeat of the elections.
Going forward the party is going to fund raise at least one billion for the party activities in a space of one year, engage in activities to demand social services and accountability from government, fight against land grabbing and intended amendments in the land act, reclaim the purported stolen victory not only at presidential level but at all levels among others.

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