By Ronald Kabuye
The antiochian church of the evangelical Orthodox Catholic Church in Uganda under the stewardship of Bishop elect Jacinto Kibuuka of Mamre prayer centre international has unveiled its arrangements for celebrating the 3rd June matyrs’ day.
Speaking about  their arrangements for the day which is to run under the theme: walking in the footsteps of the Uganda matyrs,  Rev. Father Vincent Byansi said that the day is being preceded with 9 masses, two novenas,  visiting their believers, an over night on the 2nd of June that will usher them into the martyrs day,  counseling among other services all in the name of preparing their people spiritual and meditating about the Uganda martyrs since the blood of the martyr is the seed of Christianity a reason why  they couldn’t over look such a day.
When asked why they decided to celebrate the day at Mamre prayer center international at namugongo Janda rather then at the martyrs shrine,  Byansi said that they needed to show their existence being the first and the current martyrdom church.
“we feel we have to show our existence because we are a martyrdom church,  so we couldn’t over look this important day,  we feel an obligation and our church is the one witnessing Christ so our church is a white martyrdom church (people who witness Christ every day) said father Byansi.
We further inquired from father Byansi the reasons why some pilgrims turn the day into alcohol, theft, prostitution and other unbecoming behaviours’ day and his response he said it is simply because human beings are social being who are driven be excitement and emotions.
“it’s human nature, human beings are social beings though I don’t think a pilgrim can start his pilgrim with an objective of doing those unbecoming behaviors but what moves people is alcohol and I pray that this time they desist from such however at Mamre we don’t expect such since we have lights all over the place” said Father Byansi
Mean while the organisers have given an alternative route their followers will use to access Mamre prayer center international in Jjanda Namugongo on the 3rd June as below.
Those from Kampala will pass in Kira to Nsasa then to jjanda and those from Mukono side will break off at the Anglican shrine.


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