Antiochian Bishop Kibuuka calls for calm amidst the insecurity in the country



By Ronald Kabuye
The Bishop for central and Eastern provinces of Uganda in the Evangelical Orthodox Church EOC ( Catholic Antioch rite)  Jacinto Kibuuka has called for calm amongst the public following the deteriorating insecurity in the country.
This was entailed in his sermon to Christians during the monthly prayer overnight at Mamre International Prayer Centre Namugongo Janda on Saturday.
The charismatic Bishop urged every Ugandan to be conscious, vigilant and careful with their lives especially in their movements,  the people they relate with and also to leave the Security organs to do their investigative work and bring the culprit to book.
He however requested the security agencies to step up their man power and technical skills since some Ugandans are running out of patience and the victims are yearning to see justice prevail.
The remarks comes at a time when  kidnaps especially for women, robbery and murders are on rampant in the country and when President Museveni has just revealed his 10 point program that he expects to crash the culprit who he refers to as pigs.

During the sermon, the mammoth of congregation reviewed their achievements as regards to their year’ resolutions they made.
It’s on the above note, reading from Exodus 23:20 and the following that Bishop Kibuuka gave them hope that they will breakthrough before they break down for as long as they keep in God.
He also encouraged them to always give thanks, honor back to God whenever they receive or achieve something so that He may provide the more.
He added that this should be the practice even in their daily lives when some does good for you then it’s incumbent upon you and obligation for you to thank him or her.

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