Apologise for attacking Dr. Kiiza Besigye FDC to DP BLOC


By Ronald Kabuye

Forum for Democratic Change FDC party wants Dp president Norbert Mao to apologise to them over the hateful statements  made against the party and  their member Col. Dr Kiiza Besigye during last week’s Dp Block memorandum of understanding ceremony.
It should be noted that during the DP BLOC signing ceremony last week, some politicians who spoke accused Dr Kiiza Besigye of being a barrier in unseating the ruling government.

While addressing journalists at FDC headquarters Najanankumbi, John Kikonyogo the Deputy Party Spokesperson said that whatever political move Dr Kiiza Besigye takes is first endorsed by the party hence an attack on him is a direct attack to the FDC party.

Kikonyogo said that FDC was not part of the meeting at hotel Africana and attacking Besigye was a sign of disrespect hence calling for an apology from Norbert Mao who heads Dp Block.

When contacted, the Dp party spokesperson Kenneth Paul Kakande, asked FDC to embrace togetherness as opposition than fighting each other.

Kikonyongo also retreated that they are  obsessed with taking over power since its their main motive as an opposition political party.

He also revealed that as FDC, they are not ready for alliances since many are formed on person interests citing TDA which was earlier formed over the same purpose.
He added that some members used to raise issues of personal interests which is dangerous to struggle of unseating the ruling government.


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