By Jumah Kakomo
As the legislators are today expected to table a motion to parliament seeking for leave of parliament to prepare a private members bill to amend article 102b of the constitution of the republic of Uganda, there is heavy deployment within parts of Kampala.
Security around Parliament remains beefed and tight up with normal police, military, and officers , others in plain clothes and! the flying squad clad in black carrying their machinery.
Fire brigade vehicles, Police Mambas and patrols parked around Parliament.
Meanwhile, some MPs have been denied access to parliament parking with security giving them reasons that the place will not be enough for all the care today despite each mp having a designated parking lot.
We talked to Mp Marian Naigaga, Allan Ssewanyana, Gilbert Oulanya, Robert centenary among others and all shared their opinion on the matter saying the status quo of article 102b should be remained.
At Democratic Party headquarters, Kampala members of the party have locked themselves inside denying security officers to access their offices while displaying placards written “togikwatako”.
Police patrols are continuously arresting and detain persons due to various reasons at different Police stations specifically central police station Kampala (CPS).
Generally, today’s deployment has parallelized business/work within city due to the fact that some shops specifically along Kampala road are closed due to security threaten, and traffic jam is also too much to roads around parliament.
In the same vein various security agencies have strongly camped at city square where  opponents of amending article 102b of the constitution are expected to launch their campaign against togikwatako.


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