Aspiring Nakaseke woman Nakawooya applauds residents for educating a girl child.


By Ronald Kabuye
Journalist and aspiring woman member of parliament for Nakaseke district Esther Nakawooya has applauded parents in Nkuzongere village semuto sub-county Nakaseke district for educating a girl child.
Nakawooya made the remarks while addressing the residents at a graduation party.
She thanked them for understanding that girls are not incompetent creatures as they were considered in the past which led to their neglection by parents.
“Parents thank you for educating agirl child,this is an indicator of a promising nation because educating a girl child is educating a nation ,”said aspiring woman member of parliament Esther Nakawooya Nakaseke district 2021.
She also urged parents to be vigilant and to take care of their children during this long holiday and festive season by not letting them join peer groups, participating in sports betting and staying in video halls watching useless movies.
Further more, Kawooya cautioned youths against alcoholism and drug abuse since they are the leading cause of  HIV/AIDS infection and criminality amongst the young generation.


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