Bank of Uganda have urged government to layout strategies of empowering urban settlers



Economic experts from the Bank of Uganda in partnership with the International Growth Centre (IGC), have urged government to layout strategies of empowering urban settlers with agricultural tactics and skills, if Uganda is to improve on the agricultural production produced annually. According to Douglas Gollin, a Professor of Development Economics at Oxford University on behalf of the experts he noted that due to climate changes experienced in Uganda, government has to also revise it’s strategies to increase it’s agricultural production level by involving urban citizens directly in urban agriculture not leaving it to rural places only. this was reviewed in a lecture hold by Bank of Uganda as part of its commemoration of 50years which was running understand the theme: “Agricultural Transformation and Urbanization: Challenges for Uganda”, Prof Douglas Gollin, an economist from Oxford University in UK, said that some developed countries impacted their citizens to turn into agriculture hence increasing food safety and security and moreso impacting on agricultural technologies. He has also urged policy makers to consider policies that attract transformation of agriculture and also urged agriculturalists to enhance value change and improve on their packaging procedures during distribution of products.

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