Baryamureeba Joins NRM And denies being a fortune hunter


By Ronald Kabuye
Former independent presidential candidate and makerere university vice chancellor prof. venancious Baryamureeba has said he decided to join the National Resistance Movement NRM to reform it since its destined to be in power for the next 30 or more years.
Baryamureeba said NRM being the only political party with national character in the country and facing numerous problems, he wants to take his intellect and ideas to cause solutions to the problems rather than being at the edge of criticizing it.
Meanwhile the opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC party spokesperson Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda described Baryamureeba move as a hunt for fortune just like many other elites.
He added that the best thing Baryamureeba and other elites should do is coming up with debate to better the country before adding that he is taking nothing to NRM but rather he is going to pick something from it.
However Baryamureeba trashed Ssemujju’s assertation saying that FDC doesn’t wish good people to join NRM.
He added that apparently he is connected to four consultant firms in addition to his which brings him over 1500 US dollars per week thus his problem is not money hence he is joining NRM as a rotary club.
It should be recalled that last week Baryamureeba during a graduation ceremony in Ibanda district revealed that God gave him guidance to join NRM.
This while on NBS’ morning breeze.


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