By Kabuye Ronald

The opposition strong man and four time presidential aspirant Dr. Warren Kiiza Besigye Kifefe  has lashed at media for dancing to the tune of the national resistance movement NRM and president Museveni by publishing what he termed as diversionary and minor issues at the expense of pressing, very important and crucial issues in the country.

In his address to the press this morning, Besigye who highlighted the East African Legislative assembly as a minor issue and the Forum For Democratic Change story aired by NTV-uganda to about plans to amend its constitution to allow former leaders contest again as a concocted story said there many social, economic and political issues that should be exercising Ugandans minds on how to address than these diversion story that keeps on public mouth.

Besigye sighted out the illegitimacy of the sitting government, stopping the investigation into Kasese Massacre by parliament yet it’s an international issue, hanger and famine that is killing people, collapse of the economy and scandalous give away of natural resources at highly inflated prices, regional crisis on security and stability.

Besigye also pointed out whenever president Museveni criticize something, just know that its the one he practices referring to Museveni’s critic to corrupting electorate during the NRM EALA primaries at state house on tuesday.


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