By Kabuye Ronald

Opposition strongman and also four time presidential aspirant Dr. Kiiza Besigye has filed a fresh application in the treason case that he is charged with for declaring himself a winner of the 2016 general elections at the high court criminal division seeking to harmonize his appearance at both Nakawa Magistrates and the high court.

The application is before the head of criminal division Wilson Kwesiga who has set the 22nd of this month as the hearing date.

While appearing at the deputy registrar Marry Kayinza in fulfillment of  one of the bail condition Besigye  reiterated his earlier concern of the appearances being costly in both terms of resources and time yet four nine month now no case has made against him.

Besigye also revealed that once this case commences at the high court, it will give him the opportunity to prove to the world that indeed he is the legitimate winner of the 2016 elections.

“This is one of mr Museveni’s coup, he detained me so that he occupies the office illegally but we shall use this case to prove that indeed I won the elections” said Besigye

Besigye is now expected to report back to the high court deputy registrar on the 20th of March in fulfillment of one of the bail condition.


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