By Ronald Kabuye
The four time presidential candidate and also Forum for Democratic Change flag bear Rtd. Dr. Kizza Besigye has asserted that government might have a hand in the atrocities that happened in Apaa Amuru district early this month leaving 6 people dead,28 several injuried, two schools and 142 houses burnt and over 5000 people displaced.
While addressing a news conference at his Katonga Offices in kampala, Besigye based his arguement on the fact that most of the atrocities take place in the opposition strong holds giving examples of the Kasese Massacre, east and west Buganda which had it machete attackers, another fact being that the inception of the apparent problem in Apaa started in 2012 by government displacing the residents on grounds that they were occupying the game reserve land and the apparent one started after the first deputy prime minister Gen. Moses Ali visit to Apaa on the 31st last month and atrocities started  on the 4th of this month lasting for consecutive  days with the attackers alleged putting on army boots.
Besigye says Land disputes in that area is just being used as an excuse since the Acholi and people of Adjuman have leaved together for many years despite its existence nationally a reason they called for moratoria since the apparent Land Commission can’t solve anything.
Besigye has now appealed to the public to extend any humanitarian assistance to the affected areas in terms of relief and management of trauma.
He further called for an independent inquiry into the atrocities that are happening national wide.

Meanwhile Besigye has attributed the current crisis of influx of refugees in the country to president Museveni who accused of being the cause of the instability in the war ravaged countries by sending Ugandan troops there which take sides while fighting but unfortunately president museveni portrays himself as the savior of the situation.
He thus appealed to the International and regional communities to isolate the sitting government by giving relief directly to the affected people and communities since it’s the only way to discourage other arsonists.
He further wants the regional leaders to urgently step up efforts for the people of south sudan to have meaningful dialogue to end the conflicts there by bringing both parties on board and not taking sides.
Apparently uganda gets atleaset300 every day from south sudan and is the second in world with the biggest number of refugees.
Uganda is also preparing to host the world refugee conference where the United Nations Secretary General is expected to be part.


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