By Kabuye Ronald

In abide to defy the move by government to amend article 26 of the land act that relates to the compensation of private land owner before government takeover, the opposition strong man Dr. Warren Kizza Besigye Kifefe and his purported people’ government have lunched a national campaign to oppose the same.

While addressing a news conference this morning at his katonga office in Kampala, Besigye pointed out a six point proposal that should be adopted instead of amending the land act to allow government take over private land before compensation.

Among these include ultimate reject of any attempt to amend article 26 of land act, suspension of large scale land acquisition by government, set up a critical legal analysis on land issues , formal inquiry into land scale that were taken by government since the process have been fraudulent yet even the commission of inquiry into land matters established by president museveni through Land ministry led by Lady justice Catherine Bamugemeire will not help since its term of references are not people centered, screening the processes through which investors acquire land and raising land law and rights awareness thus a lunch to rally and educate the public to defend their land rights adding that the problem doesn’t emanate from the land but   out compensation mechanism where the buyer is the valuer.

Besigye blamed it at the ruling government which he said is predatory since the head is not a servant of the people but rather fights for his needs and belief leaving many Ugandans landless and jobless which results into intensive concentration of people.

“We have a predatory regime and it’s a great shame many people are now totally landless, they come to a jobless Kampala and fight for survival in a tensely populated areas and then you are going to evict them to where?” questioned besigye

“Leave alone the evictions in butabika, on prison land, nagulu, Nsambyaestates and school government is grabbing big chucks of land in Acholi, Lango, Karamoja, Bunyoro and parts of Buganda and Busoga and tens of thousands are evicted, this is frightening and explosive to country and allowing the intended amendment is actually teasonable.” Added Besigye


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