Besigye launches Tubalemesa campaign, to replace the 317 MPs with new ones


By Ronald Kabuye
Opposition strong man Dr Kizza Besigye together with his people’s government has on Thursday lunched a campaign aimed at failing the sitting National Resistance movement NRM government in all spheres.
The campaign that is dubbed Tubalemesa literally meaning let’s fail them, aims at firstly awakening citizens who they assert are in captivity, empower them with information of what has befallen them and how to get their country back,  organising by intensifying, broaden and deepen their networks across the country and inauguration and crystallising their government and it’s work and lastly establishing the people’s assemblies from national, regional and district levels.
Dr Besigye says that the 317 legislators who voted in favor of the removal of the presidential age limit will be replaced by the people’s representatives who sit on their National Assembly.
He says that the 317 legislator who supported the law will remain and be subjected to isolation and rejection in all spheres.
Besigye further asserts that their struggle is non violent and it’s success can not be seen immediately since it’s scientific in a way.
Besigye adds that their campaign is going to be easy since president Museveni’regime has never been as weak as its is today and Ugandans have never been as United as today.
“fail the regime that is holding the country and citizens hostage  “Tubalemesa” campaign, is very easy and can be done without any danger once everyone knows what do, Museveni’regime has never been weak as it is today, with its security totally distinctional, struggling economy and Ugandans as United  as they are today” said Besigye
In the same way the kampala lord mayor Erias lukwago said that the campaign is legally backed since it aims at protecting the constitution.
Lukwago attributed the struggling economy of the country to rampant unwarranted hand outs that president museveni gives out and the institution break down.
On his part the Forum for Democratic change FDC president Hon Patrick Amuriat oboi said that the launched campaign will go hand in hand with reclaiming Dr Kiiza Besigye stolen victory and my land my life campaign.
Amuriate added that once government fails to hold the local Council elections with in the next two months, they shall conduct a people’s lc elections and get legal and legitimate leaders and enhance security in the villages. Amongst others.


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