By Ronald Kabuye
The four time presidential candidate and also opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC flag bearer Dr. Kizza Besigye has oriented the party National Council members about the three fundamental factors to implement if they are indeed to oust the sitting president H.E. Yoweri Kagutta museveni and the ruling National Resistance Movement NRM party.
Besigye said that the party and opposition leaders need to first change people’s minds so that they free themselves from slavery hence get to know and love their country, secondly organise and build both visible and invisible networks and finally to carry out actions and campaigns that will weaken museveni who he referred to as the dictator and make citizens strong adding that their defiance campaign is a process and  not only about people taking to streets.
“as we build the party image, cohesion and frameworks, we must identify with campaigns that sharpen arguments in people’s interests not individuals.
Many have been saying that am building myself but where is Hajji Ssebagala, Betty Kamya her house is guarded with guns, if I join mr Museveni now people will abandon me because they want a person who identify with their interests” said Besigye.
Besigye also said that they are nearing victory which must find them ready and this will be achieved by implementing the three above fundamental factors
” Even the people in the NRM know that we are a force for the future so they must handle us with care ” said Besigye
He also refuted the notion that the country is being run under a multi party system and that the government institutions, parliament and Judiciary are independent reasoning that it’s a one man show whose wish is always fulfilled without any questioning.
” The colonialists who created Uganda, their interest was not to serve us but us to serve leaders, and what Museveni said is true for once we are his servants and that’s what has been going on from the start but we need to change it” Besigye asserted
Meanwhile the purported people’s government that he leads is set to launch a national wide campaign on education to advocate for equality in education system.
“Education demarcates apartheid in Uganda since children of those in power  are educated from good schools while those for the poor go to UPE and USE schools ending up working for those in power and becoming crime preventers, that’s not equality and we shall be launching that campaign soon.” Besigye revealed
Besigye made these remarks at the closing of the FDC 10th National Council meeting held at their headquarters in najjankumbi under the theme strengthening party cohesion through adopting strategies that will take fdc to power.
In the same meeting we learn’t that a budget amounting to 15 billion was passed to run the party activities.
The crucial matters where discussed in the absence of the media which they asked to leave to enable them discuss freely.


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