Beyond Prayer-but a touch on Personal lives of the faithful-The treasure at Mamre International Prayer Centre in Namugongo-Jjanda”



Allow me write about the treasure witnessed at one of the youngest Centres of worship in this country that came into limelight less than two years ago. This is the Mamre International Prayer Centre in Jjanda Namugongo.

Though the Centre is much known for the miraculous healings from the testimonies from the flock and the persistence of the faithful sticking to their Shepherd-Bishop Very Rev. Jacinto Kibuuka despite having been portrayed as an outcast from the Roman Catholic Church; the Centre has gone beyond giving a spiritual touch to the desperate, the vulnerable groups of society, the rejected, the destitute and those suffering from various diseases; to building them again into formidable and changed persons financially and economically.

This has proved a challenge to the rest of the congregations which have been around for some time though some have existed for centuries. This could be the other reason for the love for the Prayer Centre by the people of the areas nearby and from far. It is beyond belief that people come from as far as Mbarara, Kabarole, Fortportal, Kabale, Lira, Mbale to mention a few.

This Centre within the last couple of months of existence since inauguration in July 2017, has proved themselves as a Centre not only focused at prayer but with a lot of Development projects from self-help effort and during the sermons the preachers at the Centre have made it a habit to preach prosperity and Economic enhancement to the congregation. The important thing about the congregation; they have also been converted into hunters for Development because they have also massively heeded to the call from their Clergy. This has turned out to be a challenge and envious to even older Churches in this country. The comparison is evident on the statistics drawn from the numbers that flock the Prayer services held in this centre during the week days and every Sundays. The prayer nights are something crazy in this place; because often times the centre is full to capacity and one would wonder the magnestism and attraction of the masses to this centre.

What is amazing is the great numbers that appear in this centre have at least taken on and enlisted in either one or more of the pioneer projects that have been advanced at this Centre. It is one thing having the campaign to have projects through the Christian Centres and quite different to have them embraced and propelled to success in such large droves of people like what is happening at Mamre Centre. It is quite wonderful to imagine the spirit of registration and commitment revealed by the faithful participants in the projects here referred to. The mix of the clientele and membership for these projects is wonderful and revealing. The mix is unique and the composition of membership ranges from the Corporates, Bankers, and Engineers to the Local people however all focusing on change of lives.

Thus in the recent past this has driven Government Officials driving into the Centre to establish truth about the development initiatives existent at the Centre. It is quite unbelievable that such a youthful congregation is geared at gradual change of lives of the prayerful masses in this Country in such a limited period. You would wonder the force behind these development initiatives cropping up at the Centre.
Among the many projects that the faithful have taken on is the Mushroom farming: – The Centre’s Mushroom farming is at a scale unimaginable- the Centre has one of the biggest mushroom project currently in the country. It is a project that has been mobilized by the congregation on funds mobilized by their Shepherd-Very Reverend Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka.

The mushroom farming has been taken on another level since they have embraced modern technology in their farm with new watering and vaporizing machinery recently imported. This multi-million project has only been funded by the locally mobilized resources. The project shall not only profit the Centre and the faithful subscribers but it is going to develop into a Regional Agro-tourism and instructional institute. This notwithstanding it is aimed at changing lives of the Christians at Mamre Centre. Kudos to the Clergy at the Centre for such uprightness in guiding of the vulnerable masses.

The youths; have taken on so many projects which in this era seem focusing at changing both their spiritual and financial lives. It is also amazing to see numbers of youths in this era devoted at the Centre and tirelessly embracing the projects. One would wonder of the candid efforts of youths shown in these projects. The youth have been immersed into projects like: – Soap making, Wine making, Shoe making, Bakery and Pastry. The motivation and production is amazing that they have gone on to raid the market with their brands. This is unheard of at any Christian Centres and comparison being that this is a relatively young Christian Centre in town.

There is a treasure that is hidden in the leadership and management of this Prayer Centre that an ordinary mind may find difficult to discover; no wonder the numbers of believers that attend to the services in this Centre.
The Clergy at Mamre Centre seem focused to deliver rich souls to the Lord, because I remember in some of the sermons from the youngest but focused Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka when urguing the congregation to fight poverty; he said that Mamre Centre Congregation should have a brand in society and a special identity for people to realize a difference from those that pray from elsewhere. He rebukes poverty both in prayer and from the general impression of the ordinary person. This could be the magnetism and the trick that works for the Mamrerians and a driving force for inception and support of these various development projects. It is true that when you visit and embrace Mamre Centre; you shall not be the same again.

The nature of development campaign in this particular Prayer Centre has not only left locals wondering, but has also caught the International attention where teams of Europeans and would-be development partners have started flocking the Centre and admiring the development effort pursued by their leadership and would look at energizing the Christians to achieve not only spiritual development but also the change agency the Centre is realizing.

I can predict with precision that if this life exhibited in the spirit of development not only of the individual spirituality but also touching of the personal lives of the congregation financially and economically; Mamre Centre proves unstoppable and the heavens shall be the limit.

I would like to conclude by encouraging all Ugandans of all walks of life to embrace development of both the spirit, the economic and financial abilities of all people and shun poverty in the way it has been championed at Mamre International Prayer Centre-Namugongo. All development minded Christian Leaders and other Local Government Leaders should not shy away at such challenges from a young Centre

but always strive to uplift such initiatives and embrace efforts to change lives of Ugandans not only spiritually, morally but also financially.

l here commend the Clergy and the Leadership of the zealous and charismatic youngest Very Reverend Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka for the invisible energies is exerting on changing the lives of Ugandans and particularly at Mamre International Prayer Centre. It is also evident that even such efforts are not appreciated by bare humans; God shall reward you abundantly. Never relent this fire that you have set for the faithful in the Evangelical Orthodox Catholic Church but also for the people of Uganda.

Francis Xavier Bbosa
A faithful at MIPC-Jjanda-Namugongo

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