Some Bibles have missing verses, Bible society consents


By Nathan Mboowa
Church leaders across the country have convened at the Bible society of Uganda on Friday in the seminar organised to discuss the issue of the missing verses or added verses in the Bible .
The General secretary  of the Bible society Simon Peter Mukhama while giving his key note address called upon all Ugandans especially the church leaders to always speak the truth while preaching in their churches and recommended them to read all the verses in the Bible.
Simon Peter Mukhama well as he agrees that there are missing verses in the bible especially in the books that where translated earlier but appealed to the church leaders not to use that as a way of getting more followers like as it is case apparently in some churches .
This seminar comes at a time when the leader of the house of prayer ministries church Aloysious Bugingo is facing charges of burning bibles which he claim to be “fake” ones
Mukhama condemned Bugingo’ actions advising that bibles should instead be taken back to the Bible society.
Sammy Tioyo a global translation consultant from BurkinaFaso blamed the church leaders who are not used to different type of translation.
He said that these don’t want to  use new ones though much blame he put it to the Education level of  the translator.
” Do not rely on English but concentrate on the local languages. “he said “


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