Bishop Kibuuka baptizes, confirms 121, explains why they confer 3 sacraments at ago


Bishop Kibuuka Baptizing at mamre international prayer centre

By Ronald Kabuye
The Bishop for Central and Eastern provinces of Uganda in the Evangelical Orthodox  Church EOC (catholic Eastern rite) Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka on Sunday baptized and confirmed 121 people inclusive of children and adults who then after received holy communion at Mamre international prayer centre namugongo Janda.

Bishop Kibuuka, rev fathers, deacons laying their hands on the baptized

Bishop Kibuuka first baptized 50 people in the first phase after which more 71 volunterily stood up to be baptized which he heed to.
The charismatic Bishop describes the act as a sign of Jesus’ power among his people and church that no body can doubt.
“There is no doubt about the presence of the Holy Spirit in this church and this ministry depending on the testimonies, witnesses,¬† healing and deliverance that goes on in this church and we are so grateful to God”


When asked why they confer the three sacrament at ago as opposed to the Roman Catholic Church where they are conferred in isolation, Bishop Kibuuka said its because are sacraments of initiation and whoever gives them in isolation makes a mistake somewhere somehow thus giving their significance in God’s kingdom.

The first phase of those baptized pose for a group photo with Bishop Kibuuka and other priests

“Baptism is the door way to enter the kingdom of God to become the child of God. Once you become a child of you immediately deserve to sit where God’s children sit therefore you are confirmed to be a child of God.
Every child of God deserves to eat from God’s table and that’s the holy Eucharist thus these three must go at ago” said Bishop Kibuuka



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