October 24, 2020
October 24, 2020

Bishop Kibuuka blesses the wedding of former Kenyan rapper Bamboo and Erica Mukisa


Tim Simon Kimane alias Bamboo and wife Erica Mukisa displaying marriage certificate, behind is Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka. courtesy photo

By Ronald Kabuye
The former K-South rapper Tim Simon Kimani aka Bamboo wedded a Ugandan gorgeous woman, who also happens to be a former sorcerer turned Christian Erica Mukisa.
The couple was presided over by a renowned Ugandan charismatic Bishop of the Evangelical Orthodox Church EOC, Jacinto Kibuuka at Father’s House Family church, in Ruiru Kenya.

Following his big day,  Bamboo posted on his social media platforms “Can words explain how I feel right now? All I can say is, when Jesus says he will do something for you, he does it. He does not lie. Will be posting more pics over the next few days. God is faithful.”
Bamboo’s  musical siblings, sister Victoria Kimani and brother Kimya Khalifa alias Kimya also expressed joy for their blood brother’s achievement and welcomed their sister in law in the family.
Bamboo revealed how he met a transformed Erica who changed from serving satan to serving God.
” when I released a song titled “God over evil” on my social media platforms,   Tommy Owiti the son to the late archbishop Silas Owiti sent me a face book message saying he liked the song because it was talking about how celebrities sale their souls yet the public keeps following them not knowing that they are satanist who are leading them to hell.
Tommy also sent me a clip while Erica was talking about the same things, how she used to serve the devil herself and how she was initiated by a Ugandan prominent artist who I didn’t know then.
I requested for her number, we talked and prayed together though that time I was not looking for a wife but I was interested in her testimony. But about after a year, she invited me to Uganda for her video content shoot which I respected and our relationship started from that point.” said Bamboo.

Tim Simon Kiman alias Bamboo with wife Erica Mukisa in their lavish white wedding.

Erica who also expressed joy for her life time lover, thanked the Ugandan charismatic Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka and the entire Mamre international prayer centre family for their unconditional love and support to them.

Bamboo also told us why he gave up on secular music and committed his life to God.
“when I was working in the USA Music Industry, I realized that the biggest celebrities and most people who occupied influential positions were satanist.
They would perform satanic rituals and blood sacrifices, sacrificing lives of those close to them including their parents to become super stars and to have lucifer rule the world. This broke my heart since its foolishness and it turned me to God. ” narrated Bamboo.
When asked why he prefers leaving a humble and simple life, Bamboo had this to say “the Bible says humility and fear of the Lord, our riches and honors are life.

Tim Simon Kimane Alias Bamboo the african bantu in the early years as a secular musician

When you humble yourself,  God rises you but when you rise yourself or engage in satanic practices, time reaches and God humbles you then takes you straight to hell.
Bamboo’s most popular songs include Compe,  his collaboration with Akon titled  Mama Africa, ako Kadem, too much potential, foreigner, love Vs hate,  curious, long distance among others.

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