October 24, 2020
October 24, 2020

Bishop Kibuuka breaks silence on the new draft policy to regulate religions


The EOC Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka at Mamre international prayer centre. photo by Ronald Kabuye

By Ronald Kabuye
The Bishop for the Evangelical Orthodox Church EOC which subscribes to the Eastern Catholic rite, Jacinto Kibuuka has finally broken silence about the draft policy to regulate religions in the country.
In an exclusive interview, Bishop Kibuuka said he neither supports nor opposes the policy until he gets a chance to read and internalize it entirely since so far he has read it’s objectives only.
He said he will support the registration of the religions as long as its done in the right mechanism and if it’s free from intentions of suppressing other religions. Emphasizing that indeed there is need to have order in the system.
” The church of Christ practicing, supporting, preaching,¬† proclaiming and propagating the faith of Jesus Christ must stay.
However a church that exploits, steals, manipulate humanity in Uganda must be closed down” said Bishop Kibuuka
On the point of every religious leader having degree in theology, Bishop Kibuuka said its not the academic qualifications that preaches at the pulpit but rather it’s the spirit of God that guides the preacher.

Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka and other priests during prayers at Mamre International prayer centre Namugongo Janda

He thus advised government to give more ample time to the stakeholders to study, learn, support, understand, participate and partake  the policy since then it will make sense to all.
Meanwhile the charismatic Bishop also sent condolences message to the Kenyan for the lives lost in a terrorist attack by Al-shabab militants before praying for their souls and urging Ugandans to stay vigilant and be cooperative with the security agencies.

At least 21 people were killed, 28 injured
while hundreds were forced to flee the bloodshed at the DusitD2 hotel and business complex on Tuesday.

Bishop made the remarks during the mamre super night in 2019, a year he code named a year of Divine Directions and Connections DDC.

During the healing and deliverance divine liturgy and prayers, Bishop Kibuuka gave hope to his flock that things will change for better if they let God to led them

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